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Once a PIC is LPA Accredited, it is eligible to participate in the audit program that forms an integral part of LPA.

To check whether the management systems on your property (PIC) meet the requirements of the LPA Food Safety Program you should:

· Review what you need to do. Complete the Audit Checklist below or the self-check in the left hand column of the guidelines as outlined in the Guide to the NVD Waybill booklet (LPA Manual).

· Check the practical ways you can meet what the element requires.

· Look at the "Keep evidence of what you did" (records) section in your manual or complete the LPA Audit Checklist below.

· Read the "Prepare for an audit" section in your LPA Manual or the Audit Checklist below which enables you to consider some of the questions an auditor may ask if your PIC is selected for audit.

Many producers should find that they are already meeting the required Outcomes of the LPA Food Safety Standards either as suggested in the LPA Manual or by some similar method.

Alternatively, you may find you are doing the things identified but do not have the necessary evidence to demonstrate them, in which case the "Keep evidence of what you did" and "Prepare for an audit" sections of the LPA Manual or the LPA Audit Checklist below will provide further guidance.

Other producers may need to put in place new practices or records on-farm. In the event an auditor identifies that the systems on your enterprise are not meeting the LPA Standards, the auditor will outline what needs to be implemented

In all cases, how you keep the information is up to you. The LPA Manual and Audit Checklists will assist you in ensuring all requirements are an use these guidelines of LPA are in place.

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