LPA Rules and Standards

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LPA operates under Rules and Standards agreed to and maintained by the LPA Advisory Committee (LPAAC). Producers that have progressed Full Accreditation in LPA have agreed to operate in accordance with the Rules and Standards.

The LPA Rules and LPA Standards can be viewed below:


LPA Rules

The LPA Rules set out the requirements for participation in the LPA Program. In practice it is a simple case of being able to comply with the current LPA Level 1 Rules.

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LPA Standards

The LPA Standards are the approved standards for LPA food safety program.

The LPA Standards are based upon five (5) key areas:

  1. Property risk assessment
  2. Safe and responsible animal treatments
  3. Stock foods, fodder crops, grain and pasture treatments
  4. Preparation for dispatch of livestock
  5. Livestock transactions and movements

Select the options below to view the previous Standards (V19), new Standards (V20) or a marked up copy highlighting the changes.

Further information

The LPA Rules may be updated from time to time. To ensure you have the current version you should return to this site regularly.

For further information please refer to LPA page of the Meat & Livestock Australia website.

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