An Important Announcement concerning NVD's

Red meat producers will need to ensure they have the current Livestock Production Assurance National Vendor Declaration (LPA NVD) version from 16 November 2015, as all older versions will not be accepted under the LPA program.

The current versions that will remain valid are:

  • the April 2013 (0413) version for Cattle, EU Cattle, Sheep and Lambs, and Goats
  • the April 2012 (0412) version for Bobby Calves

The current LPA NVD will be required for all livestock movements, including property to property, through saleyards, direct to processors and to feedlots, and to the live export trade.

The LPA NVD is the main document behind Australia's reputation as a reliable supplier of safe red meat to domestic and international markets.

The phase-out will streamline the LPA NVD system, and ensure all LPA NVDs accurately reflect current market requirements. Withdrawing recognition of all previous versions ensures all requirements of our international trading partners have been addressed. Only the most current LPA NVD versions meet all of Australia's international market requirements.

Click HERE to be redirected to the SAFEMEAT website to view the official media release.

To download a copy of the SAFEMEAT Website FAQ (frequently asked questions) page, click HERE


Ordering NVD's

LPA National Vendor Declarations (NVDs) including Cattle, Sheep, Goats, Bobby Calf and EU NVDs; are available for purchase by LPA Accredited PICs.

Payment for LPA NVDs can be made by credit card, cheque or money order.

NVD's are not ordered through the AUS-MEAT website.


To order an NVD,

Click HERE to be redirected to the LPA Login site.



Electronic NVD's

An electronic version of the LPA NVD has been developed for livestock producers and lot feeders.  The electronic NVD is called an eDEC.  The eDEC is only available to producers who hold a current Property Identification Code (PIC) and who are accredited with the On-Farm Food Safety Program LPA.

The eDEC simplifies the completion process as it takes producers through the components of an LPA NVD step-by-step and can be printed once completed.

eDEC Cost Savings

The eDEC also offers cost savings of up to 48%.

eDEC Registration

To register for the Producer eDEC Program, logon to your LPA user profile, Click HERE, then select the Producer eDEC button and follow the prompts.

For further information on eDECs, please click HERE to be redirected to the Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) website.

Emercency NVD's

Emergency NVD/Waybills are essentially the same as an eDEC, but available only in emergency circumstances when a conventional LPA NVD/Waybill or eDEC is unavailable.

NOTE: Emergency NVD's are only available where an order for an NVD book has been placed.

To access an Emergency NVD, click HERE or call 1800 683 111.

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