Benefits of LPA QA


Once implemented on the farm, the LPA QA program incorporating Cattlecare and Flockcare provide a range of benefits to both the producer and the industry. There is effort required by the producer to fully implement LPA QA, but this is offset by short and long-term benefits.

Improved product consistency:
LPA QA incorporating Cattlecare and Flockcare provides a system to reduce bruising and other carcass damage, reduce damage to skins and to reduce the chance of unwanted chemical residues. This will mean that abattoirs, meat processors and grain purchasers will in turn be assured of consistency of product quality from your property.

Health of the livestock:
By implementing LPA QA, a rigorous system of preventative livestock health will be adopted. This will focus attention on the performance and welfare of the animals, ensuring improved productivity.

Risk management:
With a quality assurance system in place, producers are able to prove they were following industry standards and may be able to reduce the chance of legal claims against them.

Greater professionalism:
Participation in LPA QA will mean better record keeping, better staff training, clearly defined areas of responsibility and awareness of the customer requirements for product quality. This will also enhance the reputation of primary producers in the market place.

International recognition and market access:
Quality assurance can provide entry to specific markets. It is important for our industry to adopt a global view if we are to match the challenges into the next century by being proactive rather than reactive.

Product differentiation:
LPA QA accredited producers are able to sell a branded product identified by the Cattlecare and Flockcare logos. This will result in numerous marketing opportunities as the industry moves towards a multitude of product brands encompassing a wide variety of quality attributes from paddock to plate. It will also assist the development of strategic alliances between producers, processors and consumers


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