AUS-MEAT Chiller Assessment (Beef)

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AUS-MEAT Chiller Assessment provides a means of describing saleable meat characteristics including Meat Colour, Fat Colour, Marbling, Eye Muscle Area, Rib Fat Measurement Subcutaneous & Total Rib Fat Measurement and Maturity.

Each characteristic is evaluated separately, at a specific site, under controlled conditions.

The Assessments are made by qualified Chiller Assessors who are regularly checked to confirm accuracy and technique.

Results of Assessments are allocated to the carcase, and provide a means of carcase selection according to individual contract specifications, grading schemes, or brand requirements.

Chiller Assessment provides a means of classifying product prior to packing or distribution. Assessment results also allow producers to select breeding stock based on performance and to customise feeding regimes to suit particular markets.

The Chiller Assessment Program has been developed to enable AUS-MEAT accredited Enterprises to assess, grade or class carcases using a uniform set of Standards under controlled conditions for customers requiring selected products.

For more information refer Chiller Assessment Language Brochure

OsCap (Onsite Correlation and Practice system)

The OsCap is a computer based correlation. The OsCap system as the method of correlating qualified Assessors positions Australia as having the first carcase grading system which is correlated against an objective computer calculated standard.

OsCap also provides the required correlations for other elements of the AUS-MEAT Language and MSA's Grading System.

OsCap is commercially available to AUS-MEAT Accredited Enterprises through a lease arrangement and provides a flexible and effective method for Correlations and practice.

The OsCap System provides correlation and practice for:

  • Chiller Assessment
  • High Marbling Endorsement (for Assessors who grade marbling above score 6)
  • Maturity Assessment (ossification)
  • Subcutaneous Rib Fat
  • Total Rib Fat
  • Eye Muscle Area
  • MSA Marbling
  • Hump Height
  • Fat Distribution and Hide Puller damage

OsCap also provides current records and historical records of correlations for individual assessors which become part of the Enterprise Quality Assurance systems.

OsCap correlation system incorporates standards and assessment criteria for the Meat Standards Australia (MSA) Carcase grading system.

For more information refer AUS-MEAT Advice 1/14.

Please log into the members area for information on how to obtain an Oscap lease and Pre-installation Checklist.


To download an OsCap poster (.jpg 810kb) , click here.

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