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Under the Australian Meat and Live-Stock Industry Act 1997 a person in management and control of a Meat Export Business must hold an Export Meat Licence. All Export Meat Licence holders must have AUS-MEAT Accreditation before they will be issued with a Licence. The information on our Training section webpage provides the necessary details about the Qualification requirements (Quality Systems Accreditation) that is required by NPE's.

What is a Non Packer Exporter (NPE)? The following definition is taken from the AUS-MEAT National Accreditation Standards.

NPE or Non Packer Exporter: means a holder of a Meat Export Licence who does not operate a premise registered by the Australian Government Department of Agriculture for the purposes of packing Meat for export as an owner, a lessee, or under any other arrangement.

NPE Accreditation Process

An explanation and detailed Flow Chart is provided. Click Here

Training and Accredited Persons Qualifications

Accredited Persons

The NPE must employ or engage a minimum of one Accredited Person but must have the availability of a Back-up Accredited Person.
The following Qualifications are Recognised:

1.Quality System Accreditation - Certificate of Proficiency; Click Here for an example

2. AMLC - Quality Assurance Accreditation certificate; Click Here for an example

3. AUS-MEAT Certificate of Proficiency Beef and Sheepmeat: Click Here for an example

4. Statement of Attainment Beef Specification; Click Here for an example

AND Statement of Attainment Sheepmeat Specification; Click Here for an example

Audit Checklist and Export Activity Declaration

Once accredited, all NPE's must comply with the requirements of the National Accreditation Standards (NAS). The NPE's conformance to these Standards will be verified through an annual Audit. The Audit will be undertaken in such a manner to verify that the NPE has complied with and will continue to comply with the requirements set out in these Standards.

Audit Checklist,  Click Here

NPE Quality System Checklist (Advice 3/09) Click Here

The Export Activity Declaration (EAD) form can be used to notify AUS-MEAT of any changes to the NPE's contact details or changes to the Scope of Operations. NPE's that have not been active in Exporting Operations can also use the EAD form for this purpose. All completed EAD forms should be returned to AUS-MEAT (Scan2email or Fax).


Dept. of Agriculture Meat Export Licence Information

Information on Meat Export Licence Requirements - how to obtain a Licence?,

(link to Australian Government Department of Agriculture Website) Click Here

AUS-MEAT Accreditation Application (NPE)

Click Here for the online application form.


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