Handbook of Australian Meat 7th Edition AusMeatInternational Red Meat Manual

Australia’s commitment to food safety, integrity and product quality compliments our focus on meeting the demands of our international customers.

To maintain Australia’s high product standards, the Australian red meat industry and the Australian
Government have worked together to develop stringent standards and quality assurance systems through the entire supply chain. These standards and quality assurance systems are based on an assessment of risk and sound science to meet the requirements of our international customers, with independently audited systems.

Quality Assurance

All sectors of Australia’s Red Meat industry are currently able to implement systems that operate under independently audited Quality Assurance (QA) programs developed in partnership by the Australian industry, government and other relevant bodies.

Processing Quality Assurance

A comprehensive level of Australian Federal and State Government monitoring, detailed auditing and verification processes form an integral part of Australian control systems. Elements of these systems are subject to Australian Government legislation.

The Australian Standard

All export licensed processing plants operate under the Australian Standard for hygienic production and transportation of meat and meat products for human consumption (AS4696:2002) which is based on world’s best practice and is consistent with the ISO 9001:2000 standard. HACCP-based quality assurance is mandatory for all Australian export abattoirs.

All registered abattoirs are required to have qualified inspectors stationed in each export meat abattoir to:

  • Carry out daily hygiene inspections before operations begin each day;
  • Monitor quality assurance and meat safety throughout the production process; and
  • Conduct ante-mortem and post-mortem health inspections to ensure the safety and suitability of products of human consumption.

Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry Australia (DAFF) - www.affa.gov.au

AUSTRALIAN Quarantine and Inspection Services (AQIS) - www.aqis.gov.au

Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) - www.mla.com.au

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