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AUS-MEAT Limited is an industry owned company operating as a joint venture between Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) and the Australian Meat Processor Corporation (AMPC). AUS-MEAT runs efficient, disciplined business practices operating under internationally recognised Quality Management Systems: ISO 9001 Certification.

Advanced Carcase Fat Measurement (ACFM)

The ACFM is a program that aims to recognise the skills of carcase fat measurers by way of certification as Advanced Carcase Fat Measurers. Meat Processing Establishments that pay and trade on the basis of carcase fat measurement need highly trained and skilled measurers to ensure that carcase fat depth is accurately measured and recorded.

ACFM Benefits

Establishments that participate in the program can progress to the AUS-MEAT A+ Category thus demonstrating their commitment to establishing, maintaining and continually improving a high level of quality assurance within their AUS-MEAT program. The advanced measuring skills of carcase fat measurers can be promoted within company promotional material demonstrating a high level of integrity for fat measurements and livestock grid payments.

ACFM - Program Types

The ACFM covers Beef, Sheep and Pig carcase fat measurements and covers the different measuring devices - manual and electronic. Individual ACFM Carcase Measurers will be issued a unique Identification number which will be shown on Feedback Sheets when measuring carcases.

Access to ACFM Training Workbooks is available via the AUS-MEAT Members Login.

AUS-MEAT Independent Verification

AUS-MEAT will ensure all ACFM Carcase Measurers maintain a high level of technique and accuracy by annual validation of their proficiency. Certificates are issued attesting to this process.

ACFM Standards & Further Information

The complete suite of ACFM Standards and ACFM Workbooks (Bovine, Ovine and Porcine)  are available in the AUS-MEAT Members site (Online Training).

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