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The Beef/Veal Language brochures provide the tools for objectively describing carcasses on the slaughter floor.

Categories are divided into Basic Category (Beef / Veal / Bull) and Alternative Categories are assessed by dentition with a range from zero to 8 permanent incisor teeth and all have unique ciphers.

Beef Language categories also covers Bull category and a definition of secondary characterises determines when an entire male is classed as Bull.

Other objective measurements includes: Sex, Standard Carcase Trim, Weight Class, Fat Score and Bruise reporting.



The Australian Beef Carcase Evaluation (Chiller Assessment Language for Beef and Veal) brochure illustrates and describes the process of assessment of carcase attributes.

Chiller Assessment Language was developed to enable AUS-MEAT accredited Enterprises to assess, grade or class Beef and Veal carcases using a uniform set of standards under controlled conditions.

The scheme provides a means of describing meat characteristics and classifying product prior to packaging.

These characteristics include the colour of meat and fat, the amount of marbling, eye muscle area, the fat depth and the maturity of the carcase.

Assessments are made by qualified assessors and results are allocated to the carcase and provide a means of (carcase) selection according to individual contract specifications, grading schemes and or company brand requirements.

The AUS-MEAT Chiller Assessment Language is only available to AUS-MEAT accredited Enterprises, their clients and suppliers.

Beef Publications:  incl. Language Brochures, Primal Cuts

Beef Categories Brochure
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Beef Language Brochure
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Chiller Assessment Language



Beef Yield Guide
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Beef Primal Cuts
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