Domestic Retail Beef Register

The Domestic Retail Beef Register is designed to allow supply chain trade description information applied to beef sourced by a retail business to be accurately converted to applicable descriptors for retail sale to consumers.

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The AUS-MEAT Domestic Retail Beef Register is derived from and forms part of the AUS-MEAT Language (current edition) and is intended to provide a comprehensive reference source of the applicale descriptors of Beef for use in consumer retail sale. All terms and descriptors used in this Register have the same meaning as the corresponding term or descriptor in the AUS-MEAT Language unless otherwise stated.

For the purposes of this register the AUS-MEAT Language means the Australian Meat Industry Classification System (Manual 1) (as amended) published by AUS-MEAT Limited ACN 082 528 881 (AUS-MEAT).

This Register includes a dynamic list of Domestic retail cut descriptions common to the domestic retail sales including:

  • Applicable retail terminology and descriptions derived from the AUS-MEAT Language that are clear and not misleading to the consumer about the description of Beef being purchased;
  • Supplementary information that can be used for display, distribution or a promotional purpose that is accurate and can be verified to be sourced from product that conforms with industry standards or relevant codes of practice; and
  • Provision for the use of approved 'Private Terms' to facilitate innovation or legitimate competition in the promotion of beef products to Australian retail consumers.

The Register sets out the minimum mandatory requirements for the Retail labelling of Beef products. In addition, the use of further descriptors may be optional buts such use must be consistent with this Register. Where applicable, the Register also provides for the use of a number of commonly recognised alternate descriptors to allow for commercial flexibility and product innovation.

This Register details the applicable Retail Terminologies which correspond to the supply chain trade description information which may be applied to Beef sourced by a retail business.

By describing product in a manner consistent with this Register, a retail business can demonstrate that descriptions and claims applied to Beef products for retail sale are verifiable with the product from which it is derived.

NOTE: In addition to any requirement contained in this Register, all businesses must meet all relevant legislation with respect to labelling.

The current version is Edition 4, Version 1 released May 2019 and this version supersedes all previous versions.

A copy of the register is available below

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