Element 2

Element 2: No Confinement for the Purpose of Intensive Feeding for Production

Element 2 is a compulsory component of PCAS that ensures cattle have not been confined for intensive feeding for production but rather have had free access to graze in open pastures.

To demonstrate compliance, records of stocking rates that are consistent with the size and type of operation are needed. Additionally, if stockfeeds and supplements are provided to cattle then records must demonstrate that the usage has not been as part of an intensive feeding program for production.

These requirements are designed to ensure that cattle are grazing open pastures. Producers that cell graze or reduce the paddock sizes available to cattle during dry conditions, will comply as they can demonstrate that their stocking densities are consistent with their production systems.

Confinement for Animal Management Practices

Element 2 has a number of exemptions to ensure producers can easily undertake required management practices.

PCAS eligible cattle can be confined for necessary animal management or husbandry activities such as weighing, drafting, marking, weaning and treatment, provided that the confinement is for no longer than required to carry out the management activities, and it must not exceed a total of 20 days per year per animal.

This exemption allows for weaners to be yard weaned provided that they are only fed products that are consistent with the Eligible Diet and/or Approved Supplements List, and that no Banned Substances are given to the cattle.

PCAS eligible cattle can also be confined for transport, including preparation for transport and consolidation for sale, provided that confinement is not for more than 7 days for each journey.

If you have any further questions on the no confinement requirement please consult the FAQ’s or contact PCAS Administration.