PCAS Approved Supplements

PCAS Approved Supplements

Feed manufacturers are now able to apply to supply ‘PCAS-Approved’ feed and forage products to producers through the Pasturefed Cattle Assurance System.

As a certified quality assurance program, PCAS has always set a series of requirements that outline the feeding, management and handling requirements for eligible animals – but through the new approval system for feed manufacturers, producers can be assured that any feed or forage supplements that has been ‘PCAS-Approved’ is acceptable to feed their livestock under the program.

Through the process, manufacturers require approval from PCAS Administration and then their details are provided to producers through the PCAS website. Manufacturers are that receive approval will be able to supply a niche and growing market of PCAS certified producers.

‘PCAS Approved Supplements’ has been developed to sit within the quality assurance program and will enable feed manufactures to apply for approval to use the PCAS logo on feed and forage products.

Feed manufacturers must be a full or provisional member of The Stock Feed Manufacturers’ Council of Australia (SFMCA) and must therefore be Feed Safe certified.

Any feed manufacturers interested in getting involved can contact the PCAS program and producers are able to access a list of ‘PCAS-Approved’ supplements below.


Beachport Liquid Minerals

The simple solution to supplementing your livestock

Beachport Liquid Minerals 3-in-1 supplements help with improved feed conversion of both dry and green feed, reduced trace elements deficiencies, decreased shrinkage in transit and introduction and exit from feedlots. It assists your livestock to experience improved fertility, lower stress levels, faster and calmer weaning, and better health overall.

Standard Range

  • Green Cap – Reduce Stress
  • Black Cap – All Round supplementation (Selenium Free)
  • Blue Cap – All round supplementation
  • White Cap – Increased Phosphorus
  • Yellow Cap – High magnesium

Organic Range

  • Organic Green Cap – Reduce Stress
  • Organic White Cap – Increased Phosphorus


  • Red Cap – Recovery for Horses.

For more information on Beachport products – Products – Beachport Liquid Minerals



EW Nutrition

Activo Premium: contains standardized amounts of selected phytomolecules.

Mastersorb Gold: part of EW Nutrition’s Toxin Risk Management Program, which also includes services, on-site advice, and expert consultancy.

Prote-N: a slow-release source of nonprotein nitrogen (NPN).

For more information, please visit https://ew-nutrition.com.



Graincorp Liquid Feeds

GrainCorp Liquid Feeds supplements approved under PCAS are:

  • Molafos 15
  • Molafos15S
  • Molafos 20
  • Molafos 20ss
  • Molafos 25sss
  • M8u
  • M4u

For more information visit www.liquidfeeds.com.au or click the logo above for information on the supplements.



PBA Feeds

PBA Feed has been approved to provide custom-made supplements for PCAS producers. Visit the PBA Feeds website for more information.



Riverina Stockfeeds have an extensive range of both dry and liquid pasture supplements that are available as PCAS approved supplements. Click on the logo above to access our index of these products or visit our website www.riverina.com.au for more information.


AUS Organic Feeds

Aus Organic Feeds have been producing quality organic animal and stockfeed since 2000. Their new state-of-art-mill facility and integrated supply chain, alongside full Australian, Japanese and US Organic Certification ensures strict production processes, controls and traceability.

 The PCAS approved Lifecycle Range of organic protein mineral supplements and licks are designed to maximise performance throughout the lifecycle of ruminants, including sustaining them through drought and tough seasons. Formulated by a leading animal nutritionist, products provide critical nutrients, soluble nitrogen and by-pass protein to prevent protein, glucose, mineral and vitamin deficiencies in cattle, sheep and goats.

For more information visit https://www.ausorganicfeeds.com.au/the-lifecycle-range/


Milne Feeds

Milne Feeds – Milne Feeds is a family owned, leading producer of pelleted feed & has been servicing producers in WA for over 100 years. EasyGrass is a newly developed, nutritionally balanced 9mm pellet, which is specifically formulated to meet the certified Pasturefed Cattle Assurance System (PCAS) feeding requirements. This allows growers to maintain their grass-fed or pasture raised cattle claim for any of their cattle herd fed EasyGrass. EasyGrass includes magnesium oxide to aid against dark cutting & enriched natural essential oils to ensure a desirable rumen microflora for optimal growth performance & health. For more information on EasyGrass, visit http://www.milne.com.au/beef.html


Frankling Custom Feeds

Frankling Custom Feeds is proud to provide a fully certified PCAS pellet to beef producers around Australia backed up by a complementary nutrition service.  The Beef Performa Grass-Fed is a high-class formulation that includes natural essential oils and yeast to improve efficiency and health in cattle herds. 

The pellet is robust and palatable, tried and tested with younger and older cattle.  They contain quality nutrient sources such as legumes and protein meals combined with fibre sources such as almond hulls.  Capsulated into one little pellet, this means no separation and instant nutrient availability to improve efficiency in cattle.  It has been formulated to have the energy and protein to perfectly complement all forage types.

Please visit our website for more information www.frankling.com.au 


AusPac Ingredients

AusPac Ingredients Pty Ltd is a business founded in 2005 with the purpose of enabling our customers, staff and stakeholders. We have a commitment to industry improvement, product quality and animal performance. With a strong focus on meeting customer expectations for quality and service, we have the logistics and administrative capabilities to ensure these expectations are met.

Approved Products:


  • Actifor® Protect – for getting your calves of to the best natural start.
  • Actifor® Boost – for maximising protein efficiency and buffer recycle for all ruminants.
  • Actifor® Pro – for maximising protein efficiency and buffer recycle in dairy.
  • Actifor® Power – for maximising energy efficiency and buffer recycle for all ruminants.
  • Toxo® MX is a smectite clay-based mycotoxin and endotoxin binder that meets EU standard IM558. Highly effective in binding Aflatoxins, Ergot Alkaloids and Endotoxins.
  • Toxo® and Toxo® XL are mycotoxin binders also containing the same smectite clay in Toxo MX, however additional yeast cell wall components and glucose biopolymers also included provide strong gut wall protection and help to mitigate the effects of mycotoxins such as ZEA, OCHRA, DON, FUM and T2 as well as Aflatoxins, Ergot Alkaloids and Endotoxins.
  • Betain® 96 is a naturally derived methyl group donor and osmoregulator that helps animals under heat stress conditions better maintain cellular moisture integrity and reduce the effects of heat stress.
  • Celmanax® SCP is a blend of refined functional carbohydrates that are effective in binding pathogenic microbes, e.g. Salmonella and E. Coli, in animal and priming the immune system for a rapid immune response should a challenge present. Used from the first day of life until weaned and just prior and during other stress events such as transport Celmanax SCP has demonstrated it ability to reduce stress in animals leading to faster recovery and adaption on farm.
  • Calsporin® is a heat stable probiotic that upon germination in the animal’s gut consumes vast amounts of oxygen in the animal digestive tract producing a more anaerobic environment that is perfect for the growth of good microbiota such as Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium that promote gut health.

More information: www.auspacingredients.com.au


Alltech Lienart

Alltech Lienert provides its customers with unique nutritional management solutions which assures high quality supplements to optimise growth, production and fertility. Backed by parent company Alltech, our Planet of Plenty™ vision propels our founding ACE principle – do good for the animal, the consumer and the environment.

Bioplex® range of trace minerals

Organic minerals are better absorbed and utilised by the animal, and thus able to meet the higher nutrient needs of livestock  or maximum reproductive performance and optimal animal health. The range includes Cobalt, Copper, Zinc, Manganese, Magnesium and Iron.


Optisync is a unique Non-protein Nitrogen (NPN) source that enables improved feed conversion through the provision of nitrogen for the rumen microbes. Feeding Optisync optimises microbial protein synthesis allowing for improved yields and better diet utilization and rumen health.


Sel-Plex is Alltech’s proprietary organic form of selenium yeast. Supported by more than 20 years of research, Sel-Plex is also the most proven form of organic selenium and has consistently demonstrated benefits to reproductive performance in breeding stock, and health status.


Yea-Sacc is a live yeast culture based on Saccharomyces cerevisiae specifically selected for its influence on animal  performance. It provides the nutritional platform needed to sustain improved performance, maintain body condition, and enhance digestibility.


Dietary Escape Microbial Protein, offers a high quality, traceable protein source. Revolutionary technology provides bypass form of “microbial” protein. Maintains milk production and fertility by more accurately meeting the cow’s amino acid requirements. DEMP allows for reformulation of the diet, to gain better protein utilisation.

More information: www.alltechlienert.com.au


Woods Stockfeeds logo

Woods Stockfeeds offers a wide range of high quality stockfeeds that have been nutritionally formulated to achieve the best results for your livestock.

The main manufacturing stockfeed facility is located in Goondiwindi with our new state of the art dry loose lick facility situated in Emerald.

Woods PastureFed 16 Supplement Pellet is a very palatable stockfeed that is now available to graziers as a PCAS approved supplement.

Woods PastureFed 16 Supplement Pellet is a stockfeed supplement suitable to be fed to recently weaned cattle over 200 kg liveweight and up to 600 kg liveweight as a supplement in conjunction with pasture, or non-cereal grain silage and hay.

This pellet is composed of

  • pulse seeds such as faba beans, chickpeas, mung beans, lupins and peas and
  • protein meals such as canola meal, soybean meal and cottonseed meal
  • fibre sources such as soy hulls, pulse hulls and  peanut shell
  • molasses, vegetable oil, macro minerals, trace minerals and vitamins.

It does not contain cereal grains, cereal grain by-products or any rumen modifier.

It may or may not contain urea.

For more information, visit www.woodsgroup.com.au