Standard, Rules and Declarations

PCAS is underpinned by a set of Standards. These Standards encompass one core module and two optional modules that can be used separately or in combination.

You can download the relevant Standards and Rules below.


PCAS Standards – Certified Pasturefed

25 Nov 2016 | Version: 5.8 | File Type: PDF | File Size: 650.37 KB



Non-Certified Supplier Declaration

16 Oct 2017 | Version: 1.4 | File Type: PDF | File Size: 92.84 KB



PCAS Rules

15 Aug 2016 | Version: 6.0 | File Type: PDF | File Size: 311.26 KB



Guides and Templates

An audit checklist has been put together to help producers prepare for certification. A number of templates have also been developed to provide guidance on what type of record keeping may be required under PCAS.

The templates do not need to be used in their exact form. They are intended to show the type of information you may be required to provide during an audit. You may already be collecting this information through other systems or processes, you do not need to duplicate information.



26 Nov 2012 | Version: 1.2 | File Type: DOC | File Size: 79.25 KB



PCAS Audit Checklist

10 May 2013 | Version: 1.0 | File Type: PDF | File Size: 505.43 KB



Certification Marks

Usage Guidelines for the Certified Pasturefed Marks

16 Nov 2012 | Version: 1.0 | File Type: PDF | File Size: 302.99 KB