Element 4

Element 4: Minimum Eating Quality Standards (on-farm)

Element 4 is a compulsory component of PCAS to ensure that cattle consigned to slaughter meet Meat Standards Australia (MSA) requirements.

To satisfy this element, producers must be able to consign PCAS cattle to slaughter accompanied with a MSA Vendor Declaration. This requires that their MSA accreditation is up to date and that the MSA on-farm cattle handling requirements have been adhered to.

Producers that are not MSA accredited can complete the process through a simple online registration.

If you require more information on the requirements of MSA then please click here.

Producers need to be aware that processors may require additional specifications for the PCAS premiums to be granted. To ensure that producers’ production systems align with processors specification they should contact their livestock buyer, and enquiry about PCAS premiums and PCAS specifications.

If you have any further questions please consult the FAQ’s or contact PCAS Administration.