Element 5

Element 5: Lifetime Free from Hormonal Growth Promotants

Element 5 is a voluntary component of PCAS, that ensures cattle have never been treated with hormonal growth promotants (HGPs).

Under PCAS, HGPs include naturally occurring hormones or synthetic analogues of these hormones that are implanted under the skin where they slowly dissolve to release the hormone into the bloodstream. They may contain female hormones, male hormones or a combination of both.

Purposeful Parallel Production

PCAS does allow for producers to run both HGP treated animal and Certified Pasturefed +HGP animals on a Certified Pasturefed PIC. Producers that want to run HGP treated animals on their Certified Pasturefed property need to apply for Purposeful Parallel Production from PCAS Administration and gain approval before their on-farm audit is conducted.

To gain approval for Purposeful Parallel Production producers need to be able to explain how the eligible and ineligible animals will be physically separated and identified. Producers need to have clear systems in place to ensure that cattle treated with HGPs are traceable at all times and are permanently and visually identified as being ineligible.

If you wish to apply for Purposeful Parallel Production please contact PCAS Administration.

If you have any further questions on the +HGP- free module requirements please consult the FAQ’s or contact PCAS Administration.