Element 6

Element 6: Lifetime Free from Antibiotics

Element 6 is a voluntary module under PCAS that enables producers to support claims of Antibiotic-Free. To comply with this element cattle must never have been treated with antibiotics, whether through feed, water or by injection.

Under PCAS antibiotics are defined to include; low-level (sub-therapeutic) or therapeutic level doses; sulphonamides, ionophores or coccidiostats.

The use of anthelmintics for the treatment of parasites are allowable.

The use of topical antibiotics is allowed under PCAS. A topical antibiotic is a medicine that is applied to the skin of an animal, i.e. the treatment is external.

The use of vaccines is also allowed in any form.

If an animal requires medical attention then proper treatment should be administrated as required. The treated animal then becomes ineligible and it must be able to be clearly identified as having that status. This simply requires that producers have a uniform management tag for all ineligible PCAS animals due to antibiotic treatment.

Unlike other ineligible cattle categories, animals treated with antibiotics do not have to be physically separated from PCAS animals and thus animals treated with antibiotics can be placed in the same mob.

If you have any further questions on the antibiotics-free module please consult the FAQ’s or contact PCAS Administration.